Tuesday, 11 February 2014

HI~ it's been a while since I've done some personal work!! TvT
It's also been a while since I've drawn men.... this one is pretty effeminate but oh well.
Manly men eventually.....
School is fairly busy and so is life, but last night I had such an intense urge to draw and paint...
Do you ever get that feeling when you don't paint or draw for a while, you're afraid you might lose whatever skill you had? Luckily, I've always been able to pick up where I last left off, but it's still something that scares me all the time.
ANYWAY, I was able to capture some parts of the progress! Painting process took about 4~5 hours to complete. HAHAHA not bad for someone who's a bit rusty....
If the face is pretty, I get encouraged to complete the rest!
So painting face comes first.... Also rough block in for jacket
Render jacket, pants and other detail... 
Accessories and other detail completed...
I honestly didn't think I'd paint the couch....
The couch looked better than I expected so there was also a simple floor implemented~
So there you have it, a boring progress of this piece HEH.
Hope you enjoyed!


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